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Reader Opinion: Help for caregivers

Did you know physicians have the highest rate of suicide comparatively to all other professions in the United States. Every day one physician commits suicide in the USA. The caregiver doesn't know how to seek help. They instead have to be positive to their patients even when they are dying. Only to stand by helplessly and watch them die. What a perfect dichotomy of holding yourself accountable. Too many people are struggling with this. I want the focus to be mental health options for medical professionals. Physicians have a high rate of burnout. They need objective people to empathize with the heaviness they feel in their lives. It is a tall order to not be able to heal someone who has a chronic or terminal disease, not to mention being available, sometimes 24/7, at the expense of their personal and family relationships. Depression has no discrimination. Rich, poor, intelligent, simple, complicated, philosophical—all are susceptible. All we need to do is be available to people, regardless of their position. We all have our own backpack in life. Some are just heavier than others. Sometimes just a friendly ear without expectations can make a world of difference.

Jennifer Wise