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Reader Opinion: What would Trump do?

Christians ask WWJD: "What would Jesus do?" We need to also ask WWDD: "What would Donald do?" What would Donald Trump do if he was the Roman provincial governor of Egypt at the time Mary and Joseph entered Egypt? His tweet scroll from

"You have illegally crossed the border into Egypt. Egypt does not want refugees (Egypt first). Judea does not send us their best people. They're rapists, murderers, hemp dealers, maybe some good people. Your careless actions of entering illegally caused us to separate your..."

"... child, Jesus, from you. We cannot assure you when you will see Jesus next. You should have known not to cross the dangerous desert with a small child. What were you thinking? The law that the Romans put into place that requires this separation. It's in the..."

"... scrolls somewhere & I have zero tolerance. I don't care about the problems in Judea. I put Egypt first & it's not like Jesus is from Alexandria! It's your problem that King Herod is corrupt & his gang members are killing children under 2! M & J, fix your own..."

"... county's problems. Sign the papyrus and voluntarily deport. Haven't decided yet what to do with Jesus. Do not come back. We will have the biggest baddest wall in Sinai & will run into the Red Sea if necessary. Get out! Go back to Judea & let all..."

"... Judeans, Samarians, Galileans & Syrians know to stay out! Make Egypt Great Again! #MEGA"

Cheryl Fields