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Reader Opinion: We need God

It was the Fourth of July week and it's a tradition in our church to end the service with a patriotic song. This year it was "God Bless America." I could not help but think that we are such a nation of hypocrites sometimes, when we invoke God's help with our nation's problems but yet we want nothing to do with his influence in our government and for many of us, our lives. Yes, "God bless America, land that I love. Stand beside her and guide her, through the night with the light from above." Those are just hollow words for many of us, that sound so nice but in reality what we mean is "Stand off for now God because your way is not always our way and we don't need that conflict right now. "And when things go right God it will be because of our valiant efforts and when they go wrong it will because of your wrath."

The Star Tribune this week gave a sad story of the number of churches in our state shuttering their doors because of lack of interest. To be realistic the mere attendance at church never made anyone better but we all need to be reminded sometimes of what is moral and what is not and the churches were that reservoir that fed our confused souls. Call it a coincidence but the lack of guidance from our religious entities seems to correspond with the moral decline of our country.

Our country is being torn apart by crime and drugs, immorality and hate and yet we shun the calming influence, our faith filled lives had on all of this, and we opt for threats from angry narcissistic leaders who are leading us down this path to destruction. "Yes—please God—Bless America."

Mike Holst