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Reader Opinion: Picking Pickar

I am voting for Pat Pickar in the upcoming primary on Aug. 14 and I hope all of you will also consider doing the same. Here is why. I have known Pat since he was a student/athlete at BHS. I had the pleasure of coaching him in football. As a Warrior athlete, Pat displayed a great work ethic, a positive and never give up attitude, being a team player, perseverance through tough times, loyalty and trustworthiness, dedication, giving back and many more characteristics which lead him to having success on the athletic field. Pat continues to demonstrate all of these which will make him a great sheriff. Add that he has already picked another wonderful community leader, Troy Schreifels, to be his second in command, and this makes for an awesome law enforcement team for all of our community. Please join me in picking Pickar on Aug. 14.

John Ward