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Reader Opinion: American democracy

I love how some people in our community, you know the ones, the Communist/socialists that twist a lot of facts concerning our standing president to get the left all riled up like these statements:

1. Kids in cages. Kids were seperated from parents and placed in a holding facility because kids cannot be placed in facilities for adults who are awaiting incarceration. Illegally here and broke our laws.

2. Puerto Rico and FEMA. It's an island hit with a double whammy that sits in the middle of an ocean. Logistics alone dictate how fast and how well distributed supplies and needs are met.

3. GOP calling President Trump out. Why should they? A non-political person calling out countries and politicians who have taken advantage of this country for decades are finally being told to shove it. Hooray for my president.

4. Mass shootings. Who is to blame? The liberals are to blame. That's all I have to say.

5. Tax cuts. It's a start. even though Pelosi calls it crumbs, it's a start. Be thankful for that. I know I am.

Is our president perfect? No way! Neither are his critics and neither am I.

Doug Francis