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Reader Opinion: Climate foolishness

It's fun for some people to read sci-fi magazines and books on topics such as nuclear particle physics, the bits and things that make up the atoms everything's made of.

Some enjoy investigations of deep space, quantum mechanics, or black holes. Amateurs sometimes gather to discuss these things from a layperson's interpretation. Everyone has their own mental picture and point of view, interpreting what they've read. That's fine; it's fun, good exercise for the mind, and no harm done. Whatever they allow their fantasies and imaginations to come up with, no one is harmed or killed.

But to really come up with answers, or even possibly understand these things, mathematical tools are needed that are beyond most of us. The lay publications don't even get into the simpler, more basic equations. There's no possible way someone can truly comprehend these topics without advanced mathematics.

Many of us are familiar with high school algebra and trigonometry, so know what mathematical equations look like. I took a basic circuit analysis class from someone who worked in nuclear particle research. He told me one of the equations they worked with had 5,000 terms!

Global weather and manmade climate damage are at least this complicated. So someone reading the paid rants of climate deniers isn't qualified to intelligently argue it. Sitting at the kitchen table on a Saturday morning, with the free calculator you got from AARP, listening to fools like Alex Jones or Rush Limbaugh, isn't going to come up with anything.

The problem is these people aren't harmless, as they vote corporate Republican choices. The Earth is being harmed, and people killed by flash floods in the east, and fires in California, caused by weather damages.

They're taking away from everyone's children and grandchildren and beyond. Selfish, and foolish.

A. Martin