Several week ago my wife and I were traveling Crow Wing County Road 3 from Crosslake to Merrifield. When we reached the caution light at Andy's Restaurant I was attempting to make a left turn. Turning to check for any oncoming traffic from the right, my line of vision was obstructed due to a large bush. I had to pull far up to see any oncoming traffic.

I called the Crow Wing County Highway Department to report my concerns. I was transferred to Mr. Lucas Marks voicemail as it was late in the day. I left him a message voicing my concerns. Promptly the next morning he returned my call. He thanked me and said he would check into it. Lucas got in touch with co-worker Rob Hall, who then discussed the situation with the business owner.

Later that same day I received a call from Lucas to inform me the large bush was no longer there. It has been removed, thereby opening up the line of vision on that dangerous intersection. Their prompt response to this issue may have prevented a serious crash or, worse yet, a fatality.

Thank you to these two gentlemen and to all the highway workers (state, county and township) performing the dangerous job of keeping our roads safe!

Tom and Vickie Wryk