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Reader Opinion: Voting smart

"For it is better, if it is the will of God, to suffer for doing good than for doing evil." 1 Peter 3:17.

I'm very disappointed by how this sheriff's primary came down. Todd Dahl, in his Crow Wing County sheriff's uniform, should never have made an endorsement. As they say, he was on company time! In that uniform, he is supposed to represent all of Crow Wing County, he was not representing the 4,486 Pickar or 3,895 Klang voters. I wanted to see merit count, not the words of an endorsement, but it worked, a writer to Reader Opinion said they don't know much about Goddard but if Dahl is for him, he must be good. What Todd did may not have been unethical but it wasn't right either.

Also, who put the names on the voting ballot? Why wasn't it in alphabetical order? Just wondering, but why?

Good voter turnout. That's great, most of the world doesn't have that opportunity to elect their leaders. We are so blessed in this country, I pray we stop taking that for granted! Amen. Pray, get informed and make a smart vote in November. Why do we vote? Because, thank God, we can!

God bless the USA! Amen.

Stephen L. Heinecke


Editor's Note: According to Crow Wing County, the base rotation of names on the ballot are randomly drawn and then they are rotated on an algorithm to ensure each candidate's name appears at the top of the ballot in different precincts based on population.