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Brainerd man buried in avalanche dies in New Mexico hospital

Reader Opinion: We need change

Profiteers have been in the Middle East for years, exploiting lands for their oil! American profiteers join Putin in his greed and lust for power, selling arms often used to kill innocent people and our own soldiers. Profiteers, who rely on hate and confusion and religious wars to line their pockets.

This is a time when we could be investing in our infrastructure and our youth and rebuilding America. We could be investing in technical and vocational schools—instead we have Betsy DeVos, appointed by Trump, and her brother Erik Prince supporting Trump's ideology for their gain. Prince was the head of Blackwater and invested heavily in Trump's campaign. Look up Blackwater and Iraq .

We need a change, we need people to educate themselves and follow the greed for the truth. True power is not obscene greed, obscene greed is destruction of the lives of others. We need a base that includes protecting our earth, we need education and it is a right to have health care, it is a necessity to have health care for all! The Republicans at this time in history are Trump's base. We need a new base please vote a new wave in at midterms.

Deb Halsted