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Reader Opinion: The passing of a patriot

When we lost John McCain the other day we didn't just lose a patriot, we lost one of the most respected politicians of our day. I'm not a party person when it comes to politics so it wasn't through any affiliation with that, that I loved John McCain. It was simply the respect I had for someone who served his country all of his life. There were many times I didn't agree with some of his decisions but I always respected him for the way he conducted his life, both in and out of politics.

I'm old enough to remember men like Tip O'Neill and Teddy Kennedy, both cut from the same cloth as John. Men who served their country well because they were willing to stand up for what was right and not what was the party's favor. John warned us more then once that special interests would destroy this country and we are seeing that happen as we speak. He was willing to stand up for what was right, even when it went against the will of some of his colleagues.

Senator McCain was called a maverick, which was only to mean he was an independent thinker, not a reckless person. His positions were most often well thought out. He dared to criticize the man who is now our president, because he had the intestinal fortitude and the backbone to say he's just plain wrong in so many ways. To the so-called leaders in Congress right now, I say, "Take a lesson."

Last winter I was in Sedona where the Senator lived and died. It is one of many places in this country synonymous with the beauty of America. It was a fitting place for the home of this great man. May he rest in peace. Well-done Senator.

Mike Holst