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Reader Opinion: Republican Party is lost

For some 150 years, the Republican Party stood for the "rule of law," the resulting good of "order," and in opposition to the despotic "rule of man."

Yesterday's principled Republican Party has been hostilely captured, like the democracy of post-World War I Germany was captured by the force of personality of history's worst dictator and the passive acquiescence of its then ruling party, as the Republican Party has now been captured by the profoundly erratic, unethical, toxic and divisive Republican "leader," Mr. Trump, who knows no boundaries of law, civic behavior, ethical conduct or broadly accepted morality—in short, no "law" and no "order," but only chaos, visited on all of us.

Lincoln's party, which held America together through the Civil War and helped preserve democracy in World War II, has been lost to the textbook authoritarian, Mr. Trump, a grossly repeat violator of truth telling who is fundamentally disinterested in the law. Historical Republican calls for "values" and "character" in political leadership are completely absent today except for the not-to-be-quieted Republican voice of an American hero, defamed by that same petulant juvenile who played golf on the day a true leader—regardless of party—was accorded the republic's final honors.

Mr. Trump recognizes no line "not to be crossed," and never will, given his country last, self-first personality. All conscientious Republicans, specifically including candidates seeking any elective office, should act out of honor and love of country by unequivocally renouncing Mr. Trump.

If any of us, or any candidate for any office, does anything less than disavow Mr. Trump, then we and that candidate actively stand with Mr. Trump's ethics-less, immoral, deeply truth resistant, chaotic, divisive authoritarian behaviors in the collaborative, ongoing, escalating, shredding repudiation of law and order, and of our republic.

John Erickson