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Reader Opinion: Paul Douglas event

Thanks to Mr. Paul Douglas' for his free presentation "How Climate Change is Affecting the Brainerd Lakes Area" at Lord of Life Lutheran Church in Baxter last Saturday. The church's Creation Care Team and Brainerd Lakers United for the Environment (BLUE) cosponsored the event, and Citizens' Climate Lobby representatives staffed a table to provide additional information.

There was a near capacity audience and the presentation provided attendees with insight into the current reality and future projections on the impact of climate change from the perspective of a Christian, conservative and respected meteorologist. While the situation is approaching dire, the speaker extended hope that common sense and market forces will bend the arc of history and save us from ourselves. He acknowledged that making change to any institutionalized practice is difficult due to inertia but he offered a hopeful analogy between the fossil fuel industry of today and the tobacco industry of yesteryear, science and public opinion may still win the day. Let's pray we have the time to find the necessary understanding and leadership for this battle to play out in the favor of humankind over the entrenched fossil fuel industry. From my interpretation of his facts and figures, our time is growing very short.

If you missed this event, Mr. Douglas will graciously provide another presentation titled "A Christian's Perspective on Climate Change" at 1 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 6 at the Lutheran Church of the Cross in Nisswa, cosponsored by that church's Creation Care Team and the NEMN ELCA EcoFaith Network.

Please pay attention and elect candidates who are attuned to the critical nature of this issue in November.

Dean Borgeson