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Reader Opinion: Setting the record straight

In an Oct. 8 story in the Brainerd Dispatch, Dale Menk, a candidate for Minnesota House District 10A, is quoted explaining his choice not to respond to Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life's candidate questionnaire. Menk said, in part, "MCCL is against any form of birth control."

That is simply false. MCCL takes no position on contraception. But we do take a position on the value and rights of human beings who already exist. We think all human beings deserve our respect and protection, regardless of their age, their size, and their appearance.

Menk's opponent, Rep. Josh Heintzeman, has committed to supporting legislation to increase protection for unborn children and their mothers. Heintzeman also has a 100 percent pro-life voting record during his time in office. Menk, by contrast, has declined to make any pro-life commitment.

Voters in District 10A should know where these two candidates stand on this fundamental issue.

Scott Fischbach

Executive Director

Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life