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Reader Opinion: Addressing health care

I have written before about health care and now I write again. I hear the phrase health care reform and somehow it makes me think that somehow, some place people are working to reform the way health care works, when in essence all they are doing is some unethical shell game of who is going to pay for it.

Nothing is changing with the drug companies or the hospital networks prices. They just want some outside entity to subsidize the price so people can afford it. This does nothing to lower the price of health care. News flash! Tax money is our money.

The drug companies offer the billions they are paying for researching new drugs as the reasons but what good does your new drugs and new therapies do when no one but the rich can afford them. It's as if you are taunting ordinary people with your magic pills and saying, "Want some? You'll have to pay for it." Try to make sense of what that smiling little crook from Epipen had to say to Congress a year ago when they were so concerned and yet today the price for a device, that costs little to produce and has been around for a long time, is still through the roof. Thanks Congress for nothing. Whose side are you on?

Health care has the potential and already has; bankrupt companies and people that can't afford to pay the premiums. It's in every political debate. Other countries have made great strides in this but somehow this country doesn't know how. Swallow your ego Washington and look around you, across the borders where quality health care exists. The answers are there if you want to pay attention to what you see and not what you hear and get, from big pharma.

Mike Holst