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Reader Opinion: What should America look like?

The Stauber/Radinovich debate was nicely done, hats off to all who worked so hard to make it a success.

Regarding current tariffs, Mr. Radinovich stated, "It's a chainsaw approach where a scalpel is necessary." As a long time health care professional, I can tell you that when an issue is long standing it sometimes require a more aggressive approach than a scalpel. Mr. Radinovich also stated, "We have to return power to the people in this room." How can he say this when at the same time he wants to take power away from patients and doctors by supporting universal health care, giving power to the government? To the issue of PAC money—does he not qualify for it, or does he not need/want it?

Vote the midterms, Democratic, Socialist or Republican, it's your choice. What does your America look like? Mine is not a Socialist/Democratic society.

Patricia Becker