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Reader Opinion: The blame game

It's hard to believe the Brainerd School District tried to blame a citizen for their own failures and it should make everyone wonder just how low they can get.

Last week, the Dispatch reported that Jeff Czeczok went before the Brainerd City Council during a public hearing for a street vacation and asked the council to hold the school district accountable for their intentional failure to follow the Open Meeting Law.

The city council did the right thing. They demanded the district respond in writing and explain why they wanted to keep their property negotiations on the, "down low."

The Dispatch reported, the superintendent responded and said they did indeed fail to identify the property they went into a closed meeting for, but yet continued and said they did follow the OML once they were in a closed meeting.

If you read the statute the district didn't follow, it clearly shows how the very first thing they're responsible for doing is to identify the property prior to going into a closed meeting.

This is also the only way the public knows what they were doing.

The superintendent said, the reason they wanted to keep it on the down low, is because they were in the middle of negotiations with the railroad.

This is exactly the reason the law requires the school district to identify the property on the record prior to entering into the closed meeting.

Then the superintendent says they would be happy to work with the city to clear up any confusion caused by Mr. Czeczok's conduct.

The only conduct that causes any confusion is the fact the Brainerd School District isn't able to follow a straight-forward law.

And these people are responsible for educating the children of this school district?

Jan Burton