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Reader Opinion: Vote Democrat

As a retired Korean War veteran who was active in the Naval Air Reserve carrier squadrons at NAS Minneapolis and NAS Selfridge until I retired, I know that there are many people out there angered, hurt or disappointed by Washington right now. I know because I became active in politics soon after I retired and am one of the disappointed, and fear-filled.

The Republicans have informed us that if the midterm elections go well for them, they plan to fund their tax reduction gift to their wealthy friends by stripping Medicare, Social Security, and the Affordable Care Act—which you, I, and millions of other Americans have paid for and rely on every day. The Republicans have shown us how ruthless they can be when it comes to acquiring power. They have also shown us how able and willing they are to buy votes in the Congress and in the federal courts.

Fortunately we can protect ourselves by voting for Democrats and by encouraging our friends, neighbors and family to vote for Democrats.

Pat Kittler