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Brainerd man buried in avalanche dies in New Mexico hospital

Reader Opinion: How ya gonna pay for that?

Lots of candidates out there preaching the same old stuff about "fighting for you, fixing Washington" and new this year, "pre-existing conditions." So before you cast your vote on Nov. 6 for any congress or senate candidate ask yourself (better yet, your candidate) this simple question: "How ya gonna pay for that?"

Universal healthcare? "How ya gonna pay for that?"

Tax cut? "How ya gonna pay for that?"

Free college? "How ya gonna pay for that?"

Expand Medicare? "How ya gonna pay for that?"

Open our borders? "How ya gonna pay for that?"

Build the wall? "How ya gonna pay for that?"

Look, we're $23+ trillion in the hole right now with no plan from any candidate as to "How ya gonna pay for that." They're all headed back to DC with briefcases full of pricey new programs and no idea about how ya gonna pay for that. If you're voting Democratic you're gonna pay for that. It's gonna come right out of your wallet via never ending middle class tax increases. If you vote Republican your payment will go right into the offshore account of some rich white guy via corporate tax cuts. If you're hoping the tax lawyer protected Hollywood actors, musicians or late night comedians have the answers remember this, they will say anything and promote anyone to increase their fan base, period. Washington is all about money, power and influence so "fighting for you" is not in their game plan.

Louie Hoffmann