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Reader Opinion: Heintzeman is pro-life

Over this election cycle, I've been reading letter to the editor in support of one candidate or another but I've been surprised we haven't seen more discussion about one of the most important issue facing not just our state but out nation—abortion.

Josh Heintzeman has a proven pro-life track record. He's endorsed by Minnesota Concerned Citizens for Life (MCCL) and he's the only pro-life candidate running for state representative in District 10A. His opponent has stated that he will not represent the unborn. Many years ago I helped start the wonderful faith-based group in St. Cloud called Surrendering the Secret for post-abortive women. I've seen and studied at length what happens to women after abortions. As someone that has intimately experienced the horror of abortion and post-abortion syndrome issues, physical, emotional and spiritual, I am proud to have Representative Heintzeman at my side protecting both women and the unborn!

Beckie Holt