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Brainerd man buried in avalanche dies in New Mexico hospital

Reader Opinion: Discerning the truth

I have supported Goddard since his announcement. I believed he would be our sheriff. Klang could have been a good choice, too, but lacked county support. Pickar, I think, is a good salesman. He has a lot of signs. He chose a running mate who is far and above his own, again lots of attention for him. There are a few things in his closet though that have not really been aired out. He has a past pattern of do as I say and not as I do. This has cost him more than one job. While he seems a nice guy, I question the truth. With Scott, it is more positive than not. His police record and experience speak for themselves. One thing troubles me, his bedside manner. A few say, this could use improvement. If that is all on the downside, than he is our man for sheriff.

Leonard Skillings