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Reader Opinion: I love to vote

Tuesday was the big day, according to all the mid-term hype. The November winds blew and rain changed to snow. I bundled up before heading out to vote. My dirt drive and gravel road are slippery. I passed one homestead after another on my way to pavement and the St. Mathias Community Center. Most folks here are second and third generations or at least have lived here a decade or two.

A few days ago, many clotheslines sported orange hunting pants, taking on the fresh air. Many houses include a collection of guns, traps or bows and arrows. My dad was a pastor, a clinical psychologist and woodsman. His trapping put him through college. But he was for hunting to eat, not assault rifles for sport. I wondered where my neighbors come down on that issue.

A car slowed as it approached. We edged over and I recognized the enthusiastic wave of my neighbor to the west. We moved over, passed carefully and then returned to the center. There's a message in that.

Eight vehicles were parked in the lot. A couple exited with their "I Voted" stickers. He held the door open for me. The warm room had two long tables, three voting booths, the tabulator and Clayton, ready to give out those stickers. He likely knows everyone. Yet, very professionally, I was asked to verify my birthday and sent off to the main judge, who was busy knitting. I color in the empty oval before getting sent to Bob. "Here to do your civic duty?" he asked while handing me the ballot. "Do the front and back."

At 10 a.m., I received the 64th sticker. Perhaps my neighbors cancel out my choices, but there's no malice. I want to keep it that way.

Janet Kurtz

St. Mathias Township