Pompeo's described Saudi Arabia as a critical ally in the Middle East, making clear the murder of an American resident and Journalist Jamal Khashoggi and cutting his body to pieces is of little concern to the Trump administration whose main concern seems to be Trump's credit line. Trump and Kushner made fast friends with the Prince on their first trip out of the country to Saudi Arabia. They even did the sword dance with the Saudi Royals. Trump makes the fictional claim the Saudis are buying a 100 billion in arms when there isn't a contract and there's been no official talk's to buy arms. America has waived any concern for any human rights anywhere in the world. Jamal Khashoggi was an American resident from Saudi Arabia murdered and sawed into pieces after being lured to the Saudi embassy in Turkey to get documentation for his marriage license back in the U.S. Khashoggi was a Journalist, the same profession Trump regularly calls the enemy of the people. Now we learn Trump tried to order the prosecution of James Comey and Hillary Clinton. The most disheartening part of these developments are that Trump supporters keep affirming their loyalty to this cancer on the Republic with hollow platitudes about leadership, patriotism, and Christianity. Imagine if Obama had been so irresponsible or radical as to order the prosecution of McCain or Romney. Would that have bothered Trump supporters? We don't prosecute our political rivals here! It shouldn't matter which side of aisle you're on, we do no submit to rule by dictators in America. Trump is destroying the concept of being a nation of laws. This is the second time Trump disputed our Intelligence agencies publicly. Stand up for America before there's no America to stand up for. Make America honorable again.

Greg Olson