Do you remember Sgt. Schultz from "Hogan's Heroes"? His favorite line when questioned by the prisoners at Stalag 13 was, "I know nothing." It seems many of the Democrats and the media think the same way. They want you to know nothing, hear nothing, see nothing or say nothing. If you were to speak out against their ideology, you would immediately be called either a racist or a phobia of some kind. Instead of dealing with the real problems in this country and listening to the voices of the people, they instead insist on dragging on and on investigations into every facet of President Trump's life and that of Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh, wasting millions of taxpayers' dollars in order to find any kind of dirt they could use to impeach the president. No concerns for the safety of the people in this country by approving open borders and allowing illegal immigrants in despite a number of criminal backgrounds, using women and children as shields along with teenage boys who could be potential candidates for the MS-13 gang who are spreading terror.

Frankly, I am so tired of those bleeding heart liberals who use humanitarian support for a bunch if illegal immigrants as an excuse when many of the immigrants have no desire to assimilate nor learn the language of this country. By the way, when will Congress have enough backbone to vote English as our national language? My great-grandparents upon coming to this country insisted their children learn English because they truly wanted to become Americans in every way. Meanwhile, all our freedoms are being threatened, our Constitution and flag are being mocked. Our morals have gone down the sewer. Common sense, logic, respect are now politically incorrect. Are we following the same path as Rome?

Dolores Zaske

Pine River