Can you imagine a world without music? No pianos, no violins, no instruments of any kind and absolutely no singing.

There could be parades but no bands.

There could be churches and school but no choirs.

Radios only had speaking voices.

Movies had no background musical scores.

Just think how empty and bleak our lives would be.

Recently someone told me that to have joy in your life was more important than happiness. If you were to list 10 things which give you joy I'll bet music would be somewhere on that list.

We in the lakes area are so fortunate to have so many opportunities for experiencing music in our lives.

During the month of December the Heartland Symphony Orchestra will be playing. The Legacy Chorale will be giving a concert at 3:30 p.m. on Dec. 9 at Tornstrom Auditorium. The Windfall high school singers will share their talents at several locations. Churches and schools will be having musical programs. All you have to do is choose your musical treat of the season.

And yes, you can sing in the shower and whistle while you work.

Let us be thankful and let the joy of music fill our lives with richness and color.

Luann Rice