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Reader Opinion: Memories of Christmas past

I am sure for many of us this Christmas Eve we will remember a Christmas when our founding families were all gathered together. When we were kids and we sat on the couch like stair steps and waited for the gifts to be distributed by dad and mom. Our expectations weren't high back then but there was always that glimmer of hope that somehow, somewhere, we would get that gift we had asked for but knew in the back of our minds was not in the budget. As the oldest I never asked for much, because even in those days I was a realist and I knew expensive gifts were not in the cards and I would rather be surprised than disappointed. Just being there in that room with those people, was gift enough for me and as years have gone by, I realize how precious it really was. For you see even back then, I knew this too would pass but thank God my memory still works.

Fast-forward some 60 years of Christmases since that night and I wrestle with how I will be able to speak with all of my loved ones, now scattered around this great land and yet, maybe this is it. Maybe through the magic of this media I can tell you all how much I miss you and love you this Christmas Eve. I know not many send cards anymore and that's okay. Christmas should be kept simple and this is simple personified but yet it is oh so genuine when I say.

"Merry Christmas to all" and as Tiny Tim once exclaimed, "God Bless us every one."

Mike Holst