So it's Christmas Day evening and it's drawing to a close. The festivities are over for another year and I find myself wishing that somehow I could capture all of the good will of the last few weeks and keep the whole thing going but I'm at a loss as how to do that. History tells me, now that the party's over, things will likely revert back to business as usual. A funny thing about getting along with each other in this world is, it's a little like the song maker once said." You've got to give a little, take a little, and let your poor heart break a little." Actually I think they were talking about love but it's not that far off from everyday life itself is it?

In six days we will try to put the past year to rest but yet all of the sins and transgressions of 2018 are not going to be that easily forgotten. Jan. 1 is a symbolic day for us. If for no other reason it is a day to look forward, instead of backwards and maybe try and change the way we live our lives. I say maybe, because history tells me were not very good at that sort of thing. Even though there is ample evidence that the way we have been operating has been a dismal failure. Our own hubris is a tough thing to do away with and that stubbornness is not conducive to change

I used to think we were looking at ourselves through rose-colored glasses and ignoring reality but lately, I think we are looking through glasses with only pinpricks to see through, oblivious to the big picture around us because in all actuality we don't want to see that.

Mike Holst