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Reader Opinion: So, what's new?

Another new year. So, what's new that makes this year different? Isn't it the same-old, same-old? We always want to exercise more, lose some weight, pay more attention to those we love, be more successful and get those things done that we have been putting off for years. It's a great plan but we know that much of it will be forgotten before the end of February.

So, what's new that might change that pattern? Nothing, if we go along with our usual ways of comfort and complacency, of complaining safely from the stands and occasionally sending some money to organizations which are trying to fix a corrupted system or even going out to protest in the prescribed way.

Meanwhile, reality is clearly telling us that we are headed for a train wreck. We blithely seem to think that others will be sure we arrive at some perfect utopian future. The reality is that we are on the far-from-perfect dystopian express headed toward the destruction of democracy and the planet's ability to sustain human life.

After millennia of following the path of leadership that simply competes for power and wealth and exploits ordinary people as a means to that personal end, we have been given a new millennium ripe with support for a democratic revival. Nineteen years into this new millennium we seem mesmerized by the slow and catastrophic collapse of the old and failed system playing out.

It is time to step away from the old and failing system of elites, power politics and the restrictive box it calls reality and to free ourselves as citizens in a democracy, by calling up our own latent intelligence and courage to once again recreate a system based on democracy with human values, a renewed heart and soul and a sustainable future.

Bob Passi