The subject of a border wall, which has polarized this nation, needs to be looked at in a sensible manner from both sides. There presently exists a wall in a lot of locations. It defines the border but will it keep people from breaching it? Probably not but yet it symbolizes that this is our border and you need to go to a point of entry to get into this country. Someone many years ago deemed it necessary to keep foreigners out and the questions is, do we continue with it or just tear it all down and leave the borders open? Think about that for a minute.

There are very few countries in this world that don't try to defend their borders. In some locations they just shoot you if you try to cross, so it's not a new idea. As far as stopping drugs from being transported, the availability of foreign drugs in our society today, says its not working very well. One drone can fly a packet of drugs over the wall and set it on the hood of a car a hundred miles north of the border and return without being detected. People go under it and around it with ease. They have Americans working for them, transporting drugs in their private vehicles. As long as there is a market, the drugs will come. We seem to demand a market.

In the winter I live in a retirement community. There is a wall around it, meant mostly to keep traffic out and to define the boundaries of the community. No one thinks it's immoral. No one thinks it's impenetrable. We still lock our doors.

Far better we help other countries treat their people fairly so they don't leave. Far better we educate our people about drugs.

Mike Holst