It's not too early to be thinking of the next presidential election. We are seeing the Democratic candidates for president coming out in droves. It's reminiscent of the other side, in the last election before they made their bad choice. I think almost any Republican candidate could have won in the last election, given the choices we had. I can think of at least five of them that I would have supported whole-heartedly. In fact I did write in the name of one of them when it came time to vote.

The Democrats have an enormous opportunity to unseat an unpopular president, who is losing votes every time he opens his mouth. If the Democrats want to win they should get their act in order and soon. Supporting a viable candidate not caught up in the politics of hate and fear mongering but willing to lay out some sensible approaches to our countries problems. I said sensible.

There are a couple of independent candidates that I would love to see succeed as I have little time for either party but the danger in this, is a three-way vote split that wouldn't bode well for the Democrats. They need to work hard to bring this person or persons on board their ticket. Remember a governor we once had who got in office this way. I think he left the country.

The Republicans would do well to change horses soon, too, and support someone except the incumbent if they want to win and bring some credibility back to their party. Maybe a few mea culpas are in order to clear the air but the right candidate would be the best move and there are a few of them out there.

Mike Holst