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Reader Opinion: An act of generosity

The last week of January was very hard for a lot of people, especially on the elderly and disabled. There were thousands of folks who couldn't get their cars started in the extreme subzero temperatures, but even worse was those who could not eat. Many of them count on the Meals on Wheels program to bring them food daily, but that service was cancelled for three days due to the freezing cold.

As manager of one of the subsidized apartment complexes in Brainerd, I was aware of tenants that were going without food for two days. These residents rallied together to share food the first day without meals delivery, but on the second day I reached out to the manager at Little Caesars in Brainerd and asked for help. The manager, Eric Kiker, was more than glad to help by donating as many pizzas as we needed, plus some!

I want to publicly thank Little Caesars for their generosity for providing food to the hungry without asking for something in return. We are blessed to have this business in our community. It's one more example of Brainerd neighbors helping neighbors in times of stress.

Debra Lamecker

Brainerd professional property manager