The day will come when the world will be quiet once more. The way it was thousands of years ago. The only change is, it won't be the world it was back then because we will have temporarily ruined it. You see the only way the world could continue to exist as it was back then, is to get rid of human interference and we will accomplish that ourselves. For us to exist we needed to maintain that balance in air, water and temperature that Mother Nature was able to maintain, but instead we destroyed.

The changes will be subtle at first and we are in that era right now. The apple cart is tipping but its not spilling its load quite yet. When that will happen is anybody's guess but rest assured, happen it will. Maybe in the grand scheme of things it was inevitable. Without actually intending to do it, we will have eaten and grown ourselves out of house and home.

The world has been destroyed before by catastrophic events like collisions with other earthly bodies, volcanoes, ice ages and floods. But always the seeds remained to regenerate itself. But these were events we could do nothing about. What is happening now is our own doing. It may take a few hundred years to clean the air and water and reset the balance but it will. In the meantime mankind may well be listed with the Dodo birds. Extinct.

I feel so fortunate to have been here when the world was the way it was intended to be. Yet I feel ashamed that I was part of the reason for its demise. Maybe the seeds of humanity will remain someplace and life will go on after the world repairs itself. Lets hope.

Mike Holst