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Reader Opinion: Dollar focus

If baby Jesus could have borrowed $1 trillion when he was born, and promised to pay it back interest free at $1 million per day (1 trillion = 1million x 1 million), in one million days his debt would be paid in full. One million days is 2,732 years. He would still have over 700 years of debt to pay off. He probably had the wisdom to not involve his spirit in something so far from the source.

While the short term focus of our media is looking to the stock market to see if we are "doing well" the growth of our debt is approaching $2 million a minute. We need to understand the source of substance in the dollar to find spiritual balance. The dollar is based on confidence, or in other words it works only because we believe in it. The substance of the dollar is very similar to the substance of Santa Claus. When we believe in them it gives us a warm cozy feeling, a tiny childish comfort zone that we eventually grow to question, is this too good to be true?

As nations become wealthier, we burn more fossil fuels, the major cause of climate change. The chemicals that are poisoning the water we drink are there because using them is profitable.

Our wonderful gift of free will comes with the responsibility of sustainability for the generations yet to be born.

Status quo comes from following the herd.

Progress comes from following your heart.

Jon Pierson