Last Wednesday Chris Conry of the Minnesota 100% Campaign gave a presentation at the Brainerd Public Library outlining that campaign's approach to moving our state toward addressing climate change. The 100% plan would move Minnesota toward the goal of achieving an equitable and clean energy future by moving us under five policy directions-efficiency, renewables, electrification, sequestration, and transition/adaption. Bills introduced at the Legislature in pursuit of this goal are HF0700 authored by Representative Long with 34 co-authors and SF0850 authored by Senator Frentz with four co-authors.

The Fourth U.S. National Climate Assessment (2018) and the IPCC Special Report (2018) are both clarion calls for immediate action. At this late date, it seems the only voices that claim climate change is a hoax or contend that if it is real it is not the result of human activities are fossil fuel industry shills, nihilists, or the willfully ignorant. If you do have concern for the future of our planet in the face of climate change, please check out the Minnesota 100% Campaign at and demand your legislators support the bill in their chamber. These bills can be viewed in their current form at

Dean Borgeson