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Reader Opinion: Please don't start

It was back in the early '60s when we married and set up house. We used to go to the grocery store once a week for supplies and always there were two cartons of cigarettes. Camels for me and Winstons for her. They were cheap back then, just a few dollars a carton. We were young and healthy and didn't worry much about ruining our health because back then there wasn't much mention of the adverse effects of smoking. About 10 years later I quit because they were making me sick. But she seemed to not have the same ill effects so she continued and the longer it went on, the more hooked she got. As her partner in life I was a witness to what a lifetime of smoking can do to the human body. I was there until it took her life.

There are some in our society who always like to live life on the edge. They really believe nothing bad will happen to them. They tell you stories of uncle Jim who lived to be 90 and smoked everyday of his life. They don't talk about all of the people in their families who smoked and died in their 60s. I am old enough to have outlived a lot of my coworkers, friends and family. I have seen the effects that smoking takes on the human body many times over.

My wife was a beautiful person inside and out. She has grandchildren who scarce remember her and great-grandchildren who will never know her. I can tell them about her but believe me if she was here, they would know the love she radiated when you were in her presence and they're no words to accurately describe it.

It's just a dying shame.

Mike Holst