I read an editorial the other day that said most of the talk about deficit spending in Congress, has been suspended. In effect, they no longer care. For years the liberals championed the cause of the deficit spending, by having a free hand out for almost anyone who holds their hand out. The conservatives-and I say that with tongue in cheek now-opposed this kind of management until the present administration came into power. Then their esteemed leader decided to not include the rich in paying most taxes, saying it would cause the economy to grow so fast your head would explode. Something that has not happened, because they forgot about the greed factor. The President has said he doesn't care.

So where does that leave us. Well to be truthful it leaves us with a government that spends far more than it takes in and although once professing that was a problem-they're just not going to talk about that anymore because it's just useless rhetoric. It's that old, "We'll jump that creek when we get there" philosophy now.

There's no saying it out loud-they have truly given up.

So where is the point where we pay the piper. They don't know for sure but most economists will tell you there is definitely such a point. It's a point where you owe so much money your house is under water. You owe more than you're worth. The house I speak of is the United States of America.

How would any of us feel if tomorrow we got a bill for something our grandparents bought and never paid for? That's what we are doing to our next generation.

Spending their money. Look at your grandkids right now and tell them you are sorry.

Mike Holst