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Reader Opinion: That's not our hunting heritage

Everybody is a hunter. Some scout and hunt the fields, woods and wetlands of this country. Others scout and hunt in the concrete isles of the areas markets. If food is the quest of a hunt a question needs to be asked as to why it is necessary to domesticate deer and elk. Is it just a novelty? Considering CWD in Minnesota and other states it seems like a moot point. Going to the farms to hunt or just shoot a big buck is not hunting. It is only a money transaction. That is not what our hunting heritage.

Considering what has been reported in the newspaper the prions of CWD are not subject to a normal thermal death curve and survive both freezing and cooking. Does that mean that the land, equipment and buildings will remain contaminated for years if not for decades? Does that also mean the creation of many hazardous waste properties? Does that mean that the land, equipment and buildings cannot be used for other food production making it unusable and unsalable? That is a major economic drain for many.

It is also a major emotional and economic concern for all of us and particularly to those who live and breathe in the game farms for their livelihood. Let us hope that government can learn from their past mistakes and do what is right for all involved.

Kent Rees