How do we begin to thank local lawmakers for voting against the Equal Rights Amendment? My mom was widowed at 40 and experienced all the financial hardships these ill informed and misguided ideologues are intent on inflicting her great-granddaughters.

Not having equal rights is foundational to denying women equal pay. Employers can pay women less because you're just a woman according to local legislators. Not having equal rights implies women's financial contribution to households is negligible so women's pay can be minimal. Women's reward for laboring in a workforce for 40 years that underpays them and denies them extended maternity leave is a smaller Social Security check on retiring because its based on your income. Can Republicans really call themselves the party of small government when they hold fast to "men" being created equal but women aren't worth mentioning? Do they stand for liberty when the rights we have under the Constitution only apply to us men? I remember when this same group of stable geniuses opposed marriage equality out of their supposed need to protect their women. So much for that protecting women stuff.

Greg Olson