Fire requires three elements: fuel, spark, and oxygen. If we combine greed and stupidity, we have the potential for disastrous Earth and climate damages. If we add loss of empathy to greed and stupidity, we have the third ingredient to harm all of life, not just humans.

Life on Earth is interdependent, as Indian people and every natural person (aboriginal) knows. Scientists are also learning this, and trying to teach us. American Indian people called it a circle. Man, however, is the main creature that's not needed by the circle of life. We could die, and nothing would need or miss us. We're extraneous to the circle.

This should give us tremendous humility and respect as we take other life to sustain ourselves. Instead, we've become addicted, like heroin and meth addicts, to the greed born of capitalism. Us Euros are like a child born hideously malformed. On a subconscious level we still understand all this, so practice many foolish religions, hoping we can whine our way out of our destructive lifestyle. It doesn't work that way.

Those addicted to greed have to enlist the help of the deliberately stupid in order to satisfy themselves. Some recoil at use of the word "stupid." But every word was invented for a purpose, and should be used accordingly.

When we can suppress or wipe out our empathy for future generations, we have the potential for gas chambers and crematoriums, children in border cages, and climate and environment damage.

I feel for the people being destroyed in flooding in Nebraska, and for those losing ancestral remote ocean island homes due to rising sea levels. Where will they go?

A. Martin