Your recent, March 4 Guest Opinion, "Shame on Us", by Neal Ronquist was a clear and concise explanation of the changing business model of modern media and the issues that confront them.

I agree that a democracy requires dependable sources of information and that the media has, in the past, played a major role in keeping the citizenry informed. However, as nearly everyone knows, the modern media have become more and more the forum for corporate views and, too often, a support service for a neo-liberal economic model and almost an organizational organ for those in power and their explanations of reality.

The shame is not, at heart, about not communicating the changing business model, but in failing the more basic responsibility of objectivity and non-partisan reporting, putting things into an understandable context and providing investigative reporting that is to be both a watchdog of abuses of power and a counterbalance for powers that often dominate the news.

We all understand the need for a workable business model, but the responsibility of serving the people in a democracy is the only thing that makes the business model worth a dime.

Can modern media redeem itself by going back to serving the needs of citizens for reliable and accurate information rather than attending too much to the economic issues by pandering to power for that economic support.

Bob Passi