Over five years ago I first wrote and called Sen. Klobuchar on a "matter" that concerns thousands of 18- to 20-year-old service personnel. I followed up with additional letters, plus many phone calls with her staff. I've never heard back one word!

It's for this reason I write this editorial concerning these 18- to 20-year-old service personnel who "volunteered" to serve and fight for our country. At risk of losing their lives; maybe asked to take others; many come home minus arms, legs, loss of sight, hearing, many mental problems for themselves and their families. So with this can you even imagine these young service personnel with these tragedies in their lives walking into their American Legions, VFWs or bars ordering a beer or drink to be told, "Sorry, you're not old enough." (Now it's a cigarette). The hurt, betrayal and humility these people must feel. A slap in the face.

In my failed communication with Klobuchar, I asked her a two-part question: Do you believe 18- to 20-year-old service personnel have the right to a drink? 1.) If yes, what will you do to make it legal? 2.) If no, why not?

Sen. Klobuchar, American Legion 100th Year Convention, September 2018. Her quote: "Veterans need to be treated with respect when they come home. There was no line when they signed up to serve and they should never have to wait in line back in the United States of America."

I've been waiting five years. That's respect?

Jack Schmidt

Pequot Lakes