Make no mistake about it, the discussions about legalizing pot for recreational use by our government has only to do with the money they can see coming in from taxes. They advertise their willingness to pass a law legalizing pot smoking, as something that is way overdue because of public interest. They don't talk about the taxes they want to level on it even though it's the number one reason they want to put it on the market. These people don't care about where they get their money, just so they get it. Without programs and funding for their programs, legislators lose a lot of purpose.

I remember a time when Minnesota passed it first sales tax. It was 1967 and it was supposed to be temporary and get the state through a rough spot. Now some 50 years later it's over twice what it was back then. Now we have counties proposing extra sales taxes, cities proposing extra sales taxes and when they run out of places to do that, they have fees and when you add them all up, it is close to 8 percent in some locations. They know raising a sales tax higher at the state level is not politically sound judgment, so now they are trying to find other ways to do it with sin taxes. Putting a tax on things that are addictive, like cigarettes, alcohol, gambling and now pot has less opposition than taxing things you don't have cravings for. The people who use the stuff are more apt to not complain because they're just glad to get it.

We're way beyond truth in taxation anymore. We're way beyond truth in politics period. They have created a monster they can't feed any longer.

Mike Holst