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Reader Opinion: Make County Road 115 safe

In July, 2016, my 67-year-old mother was walking our dachshund on Ojibwa Park Road/County Road 115 where our cabin is located. A pick-up truck screamed down the road at speeds of more than 50 miles per hour, hit and killed our dog, and almost hit and killed my mother.

On that fateful day, I decided it was time to stand up for safety. The safety needs of this road include: lowering the speed limit, adding shoulders for pedestrians and ensuring a drivable surface.

Over the past three years, I've been in contact with our county leaders and residents to foster a swift solution to this treacherous and dangerous road. While small steps toward safety improvements have been made, they are small and slow moving.

I was recently told this road is not in the county plan until 2023. Four years is too long to wait. In addition to the dangers of County Road 115, the road is crumbling and undriveable in many spots. The residents pay millions of dollars a year in annual property taxes. That, combined with the multi-million-dollar half-percent sales tax increase passed in 2016 (100 percent of the taxes go towards improving county roads), there is no good reason this road should not be improved in 2020.

There have been political issues in the past that caused our county leaders to "sit this one out," and cause irreparable harm to the residents that live on this road between Round and North Long lakes. But, it is time for our leaders to do the right thing. Put politics aside and make County Road 115 safe now. The last thing anyone wants to read about is an innocent mother, grandfather or child dead from a walk on the road on which they live.

Jennifer Carnahan

Round Lake