I was raised in somewhat of an unemotional family. From the time I was a young boy until I met my soon to be wife, no one ever told me they loved me except my grandparents. No one ever hugged me except my grandma. My parents did not abuse me and tried their best to provide for all of us kids. They just weren't the kind of parents that were good at showing affection. This lack of affection was troubling to me, however, but I did love them both very much.

Today the far left is trying their best to paint Joe Biden as a pervert. Joe is a moderate and a hugger but not a socialist leaning person and that threatens them. It shows you how shallow they are. It shows you the depth of animosity that runs in our political process. Enough about that and yes the other side of the aisle has the poster child for this kind of bad behavior but their politics trump his behavior also (funny how that word got in there), anyway they don't care.

I have over my long life hugged many people. I hug my family, boys and girls alike, because I care for them. Never was it done to try and touch something I shouldn't touch but I guess if someone wanted to make the case they could. It would be a "he said, she said" thing-and usually "he said", as we are seeing with Joe Biden, don't count, at least in politics.

There are people that are not comfortable hugging me or anyone else. I don't think anything is wrong with that. All you have to do is extend your hand and your intentions are apparent to me and everyone else and believe me I understand.

Mike Holst