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Reader Opinion: Care for kids

Friday in Big Lake, a tragic fire took the lives of two small children. As a former firefighter I can tell you with certainty that the deaths of innocent children is something you never get over. That those deaths will haunt the toughest police and firefighters for the rest of their lives. That somehow you feel that those who were charged with protecting those babies failed them and in this case, may even contributed to their deaths. You can't ever get over things like this; you just learn to live with them.

My memories go back to a fire we were called to many years ago where a babysitter decided to take a nap instead of watching the kids she was being paid to watch. The results were tragic and three kids, younger than 4, lost their lives. I'm not going to say anything more about that fire except to say that the loss of those babies still lives with me 30 some years later. No therapist, no mental health care worker can erase those memories.

As adults we are blessed with children and the only thing we need to do in turn is care for them and love them and keep them safe. Somebody did that for you and allowed you to become an adult seeking your way in life. Now it's your turn to do that for them.

It's tragic to say but there are animals of the forest that care better for their young then many human beings. Nothing comes between them and their young.

If you want to help your kids grow up and you want to keep some public safety official from having to deal with the aftermath, then do your job and be a responsible parent. Otherwise don't have kids.

Mike Holst