The Democrat party, although dangerously reckless in their expressed views and existing policies, somehow continue to provide mirth for those paying attention.

The Germans call it "schadenfreude," or, the opportunity/willingness to laugh at the gaffs and foolishness of someone else.

Amy Klobuchar provided such an opportunity just before Trump was to visit Minnesota.

The senator told us that the tax cuts were a "mirage" that would never benefit anyone.

Funny, but over 75% of CPAs have announced the cuts to have had a positive impact on taxpayers.

Even H&R Block has said that the average taxpayer had refunds increase over 18% this year.

It brings to mind Groucho Marx's famous line, when caught with another man's wife, "Who are you going to believe, me, or your own lying eyes?"

To top off this vaudevillian performance, Klobuchar went on to express concerns that the cuts would add to the national debt!

Where, oh where, were her concerns as she helped Obama quadruple our national debt?

Now that is schadenfreude in spades.

The left continues to demonstrate their disdain for our intelligence-not to mention our memories-as they unintentionally provide us fodder with which to mock their lies.

And by the way, Governor Walz shows that exact same disdain for our memories with his proposed 70% gas tax hike. We were buffaloed into supposedly paying for infrastructure back in 2006 with the infamous "Transportation Amendment." That, we were told, would provide $300 million a year for infrastructure. How many times will we be taxed for the same thing?

Who are you going to believe-them, or your own lying eyes?

Tony Bauer