As we watch the situation in Venezuela worsen every day, have you ask yourself why this is happening? Why is it that a country that at one time had the best living conditions in South America, is now reduced to having its citizens eating out of garbage dumps and raiding grave sites to steal jewelry to sell for food? The people of Venezuela were promised and led to believe that socialism was an answer to any problems they had. They were promised that all they had to do was to give up a small amount of their freedom; if they did that, they would receive all these free gifts from their government. Sounded good so Venezuela became a socialist country. One of the small freedoms they gave up was the right to keep and bear arms. Socialism and the right to keep and bear arms cannot live together in the same country. Name me one socialist country that has anything like our Second Amendment? Name one socialist country that does not have restrictions on gun ownership? It is impossible for the people of Venezuela to defeat the dictator Maduro with words, marches, sticks and stones. So he will stay in power just like Castro did in Cuba. Unless some other country is willing to spill their young men's blood to save Venezuela. Why is the Democratic Party in the United States and Minnesota working so hard to restrict gun ownership? Our forefathers gave us the Second Amendment because they understood that there are evil people like Maduro in this world. They gave us the Second Amendment so that what is happening in Venezuela wouldn't happen here.

John Finnegan