In a recent article, Commissioner Koering made comments that were offensive to me. I sent a personal email to Commissioner Koering on Wednes, March 27, indicating how personally offended I was by his comments. He has not responded to my email.

His comments hit me personally because all three of my younger brothers committed suicide as a result of their chemical dependency problems. My son was addicted, and was rescued by a mental health program. My granddaughter is currently addicted to meth.

After the deaths of my own family members, I obtained a Master of Science degree from St. Cloud University in Emotional/Behavior Disorders.

I served as the first county board appointed Methamphetamine Prevention Coordinator and was trained by Minnesota Attorney General Prosecutors on how methamphetamine labs produce meth. I pushed for and passed the protections from meth labs by putting pseudoephedrine behind controlled counters. It essentially stopped meth labs in the county. I also served on the Minnesota Drug Task Force which adopted a modified version of the policy statewide.

I was also ordered by former chief justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court, Kathleen Blatz, to serve on the Minnesota Supreme Court Chemical Dependency Task Force. After a year-long study, we approved the recommendations found in our report which is available online as ADM-05-8002. One of our recommendations was to establish drug, alcohol courts and other specialty courts.

Commissioner, please check the scientific and evidence-based facts.

I completed the drug court training programs with Crow Wing County Drug Court Team, and I was the program evaluator. These programs have and continue to be very successful.

Please, Commissioner Koering, rethink your position and allow the professional and logical thinking, hard working professionals to work their magic and allow them to convert and save lives.

Terry Sluss

Former Crow Wing County commissioner