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Reader Opinion: Treating mental illness

This paper has probably received many letters regarding comments made by Paul Koering. We all say things that maybe we don't totally mean or believe deep down, which is what I believe happened to him.

I have been an addict for over 40 years, trying to live a productive life with sadness, anxiousness and traumatic events happening early on in my life. These events led to my mental illness symptoms caused a dependency on a variety of chemicals, making me feel "normal" just to get through a shift at work, an afternoon with family or a severe beating from a former spouse.

People forget 20-40 years ago mental illness was barely talked about, let alone understood well and treated by the medical community.

I will be 61 years old next month and today I am so thankful the medical community is able to treat people like me, understanding mental illness and are teaching me to understand and live with my mental illness issues.

L. Olson

Rural Brainerd