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Reader Opinion: Education and health care

Many letters in the paper last week. Perhaps if we concentrated on health care for all and education for our children we might have similar goals and actually agree on some things. It still is astounding to me people fight health care. If we are going to logically deal with this there are two things we need to agree on, we are human beings and we will all need health care one day. This writer (me) believes having Medicare for all will raise everyone's standard of living, whether they have high or lower incomes no one should ever have to choose between medications that are life saving or eating. This is not communism, this is humanity. Our children need education, whether it brings them into the trades or other jobs, they need this to be able to support themselves and their families one day. It is astounding to me people want education opportunities only to those of wealth, because folks that is what it boils down to. I have to wonder if there is not a certain amount of idiocy in not providing health care and education. Education can teach people to be critical thinkers, it opens so many doors, as does good health and access to good health care. Just think about this for awhile and ask ourselves do we really need to keep beating each other up, when we all really need health care and growth for our children. There needs to be a separation of church and state, the destruction in other countries shows us this every day, education and history and the ability to reflect teaches us this every day too if we open our eyes and ears.

Deb Halsted