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Reader Opinion: Road construction season

It is the time of year we all love and it is called road construction season. Several months ago area road construction projects were listed in the paper. One of the projects was redoing Highway 6 beginning a few miles south of Emily and ending at Outing with the exception of within the Emily business area which was done last summer.

Several weeks ago when driving south to the clinic in Crosby some of the cracks in the road surface were being filled by the highway department. As this is the road surface scheduled to be replaced this summer at the time I wondered why funds were being spent only to be replaced in a few weeks. The south drive to Crosby was repeated on April 16, 2019, and guess what. The highway department was again filling cracks. Driving north a few hours later I notice no difference in the road surface where the cracks were filled. The same bump, bump, click, click. I can already hear words piling higher and deeper from the highway department.

They ask for more tax dollars from consumers but I wonder if they don't need better fiscal management for tax dollars they have taken from us.

Kent Rees